Founded in 1993 and starting up as an official Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation information source, company worked in close contact with Central Dispatching Department of Fuel Energy Complex (CDU TEK). InfoTEK's works of that period exerted serious influence on Oil&Gas industry business development, its information and analytic maintenance.

Starting with information analytical multi clients reports we made our first full consulting marketing research and business strategic recommendations for our client in 1996.

After that we started a fundamental research of a branch product line section for different local and international geographical sales markets. All information blocks were rigidly standardized and included analysis of structure and dynamics of grocery balance. On the basis of the same approaches for the first time we developed the passports of the regional markets of Russia and other consuming countries including regional and country balances. This program is now better known as certification of the markets.

Our experience and researches showed that when forecasting development of balance of supply and demand in country, regional and grocery cuts, we have to lean on doubtful sources that reduces reliability and increases risks from use of the received results. Thus the condition of the account, coverage, and, therefore, accuracy, and also methodological tools of domestic and foreign statistics leave much to be desired.

Known example - researchers tie the forecasts of demand for automobile fuels only to park of motor transport, while actually, demand for automobile fuels, as well as for any other not fuel product including demand for cars, depends on a macroeconomic environment, demographic indicators and scientific and technical progress.

As a result we came to a conclusion that development of model of the Russian market of production of oil and gas branch in coordination with its macroeconomic, demographic and innovative environment is necessary. The first version of model was tested by us in 1997, and we continuously work on its improvement.

Model calculations are especially effective when developing scenarios of development of the market or its segments, forecasting for prospect 3-5, 3-10 and 3-20 years and development of recommendations in relation to business of the customer. We carry out such calculations, for example, for the companies working on the feasibility study on construction of new capacities or the reconstruction which are available for decrease in risk of uncertainty and the competition in the sphere of realization which inevitably arise after implementation of the project.

Along with development of predictive tools we develop our Methodology of carrying out market researches and determination of their balance and price parameters as a basis for development of commodity strategy.

Commodity strategy of any product represents a practical embodiment of market research and the forecast of the market as their logical end. It includes recommendations about optimum market advance of a product, necessary for the Customer. From the beginning of consulting activity we prepared a set of commodity strategy for various products of branch.

Now we annually carry out 15-20 orders of our clients who use them for planning and increase of efficiency of strategic and operating activities. Geography of the works performed by us - Russian and foreign sales markets. At the solution of non-standard tasks desk researches and address field supervision on selection of the population representing producers, key consumers of key branches of economy and operators of the market are conducted.

It allows us to conduct researches and forecasts in the specification which isn't captured by statistics. We, for example, since 2006, conduct the researches of the consumer market of production of branch in "The Consumer Speaks" format, researches of preferences of industrial consumers and perception of brands.

Our activities for research and forecasting of supply and demand for production of branch inevitably led to creation of school of energy analytics and development of educational activity.